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What's holding you hostage, keeping you shackled and bound, unable to pursue your dreams, and be who God has called you to be? Like so many others, you may have found yourself stuck more times that you’d like to remember – in your spiritual life, your career, your relationships and even your finances. Like millions of people you may want to go deepen your relationship with God, go back to school, pursue a new career, start a business, pay off your debt, or even write a book. Now is the time for you to accomplish every goal that you have dared to dream. It’s time to identify what has you mentally bound to the point where you can’t move forward.

As you journey through this thing called life, you will encounter many situations that will make you feel stuck, at the very moments when you should be moving forward into your destiny. You will experience situations that will demand you to abandon the familiar and take a leap of faith into the unfamiliar. You will be tempted to stay stuck between “no longer” and “not yet” because you have become so comfortable in your old way of living, speaking and even thinking. You’ve allowed yourself to stay stuck for way too long. It’s time to be FREE from “what was” so that you can achieve your goals and be who God created you to be.

In this book, Felica Thompson encourages the reader to identify the areas of their life that have held them hostage, and be willing to put in the necessary work to set themselves FREE! This journey won’t always be a pleasant one. It will require much needed introspection and change. However, your willingness to go through the pain in order to BE FREE to be YOU will be so worth it!

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